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OPEN CALL for participating in the Scientific Committee of DHIAsymp 2024


12th Panhellenic Interdisciplinary Symposium DEAF AND HEARING IN ACTION entitled "The Role of Lifelong Learning and Sign Language Dissemination in Quality of Life and Inclusive Culture"

Sunday, September 29, 2024 | 09:00 -15:00

Mystras, Sparta || +2314 042 342 ||

peer reviewing
scientific committee


DHIAfest 2024

 ... as the Myth of Ariadne (daughter of the king of Crete, Minoas and Pasiphae) unfolds, starting from Chania, at the artistic opening of our festival, ... the thread of the skein makes a long stop in the city of Sparta. The thread has been so many years and now he has taken a pure form. ...started his journey from Crete. This year the Myth of Ariadne ends up in Ancient Sparta! In more palace or monument… will be given to our meeting this year….the solution to this year's mystery?

artistic end of the festival,

Saturday, September 28, 2024, Sparta

pre-presenting our Interdisciplinary Conference.


The Organizing Committee of the 12th Panhellenic Festival organizes the 12th Panhellenic Interdisciplinary Symposium "The Role of Lifelong Learning and the Spread of Sign Language in the Quality of Life and Inclusive Culture". The festival will be implemented between (20.09 to 30.09.2024 in Chania, Thessaloniki, Athens, Nafplio, Preveza, Litochoro-Olympos, Thessaloniki, Thassos, Maronia-Sapes, Chios and Corfu) with local supporters until 2023 the Municipal and Regional Authorities: Region of Crete - Regional Unit of Chania, Region of Central Macedonia, Region of Attica, Region of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace / Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, Region of Peloponnese, Municipality of Athens, Municipality of Chania, Municipality of Thassos, Municipality of Dion Olympus, Municipality of Thessaloniki, Municipality of Preveza, Municipality of Nafplion, Municipality of Chios, Municipality of Corfu, Municipality of Elefsina, co-organizers or affiliated partners, the relevant Ephorates of Antiquities and with coordinators and SPARTI and coordinators the General Secretariat of Sports, the Cultural Organization of Macedonia Thrace EER, the Association of Disabled People of Chania, the Club for the Promotion of Sign Language and the Institute of Nutritional Studies and Research. The coordinators of the Symposium are ESAI EN ROI (GR), TAMKEEN (EG) and the Chania Sign Language Diffusion CLub (GR).

The actions also have a European character (European Sports Week, #BeActive, European Solidarity Corps, Actions of the Anna Lindh Foundation, International Sign Language Day, European Days of Culture). This year's Co-Organizer of the Symposium is the NGO TAMKEEN from Alexandria, Egypt. This transnational cooperation arises in the context of subsidized transnational actions of the ANNA LINDH Foundation. At the end of the Symposium, there will be a special thematic tribute to Konstantinos Malachas, para-triathlon champion, as an epilogue to the Activities of the European Sports Week.



The actions of the Festival are held every year under the auspices of a) the General Secretariat of Effective Hellenism and Public Diplomacy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), b) the Ministry of Tourism, c) the General Secretariat of Sports (Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports), d) the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, e) the Ministry of Tourism, and recently the Ministry of Health.



RESEARCHERS, EXPERTS AND SCIENTISTS, specialized in medicine, psychology, other specialties of the paramedical field (occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, nursing or similar), special education and training, or sociology are invited to participate in the Scientific Committee with care and duty to evaluate the submitted work. For expressing your interest please press here and we will get in contact with you


The conference is hybrid (ie, with the possibility of remote and live participation) and will take place within the city of Sparta. The venue of the Symposium will be announced by the end of May.



Privileges of the Scientific Committee

The members of this Committee receive a relevant certificate and a digital certificate, of European validity. They also grant the right of permanent cooperation with the possibility of participation in the co-formative meetings of the organizing committee regarding the later symposia.

It is also possible, upon prior agreement and depending on availability, to cover accommodation and food expenses in Sparta, September 28-29, 2024. There will be facilitations for travel according to the sponsorships we will secure.


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